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Town of Newburgh Little League



These forms were created for use in the Town of Newburgh Little League only

  • Sponsor Form -
    • For team sponsorship or to have a sign at the complex

Registration Forms  - You must still register on the site as a user in order to sign up for a season.  This form is to be used as a guide if you come to a walk in registration so we can help you if you have problems on the site

  • Player Rating -
    • For manager use only. This is to be used to rate players ability when the season is over. This helps to balance skills of players the next season
  • Pitch Count Form -
    • Form to be used for keeping track of pitch counts for each pitcher on the team. Form must be kept with team and be presented at the beginning of each game.
  • What Parents Should Know -
    • A guide to how players and fans are covered under Little League Insurance
  • Injury Tracking Form -
    • Form to be filled out if an injury occurs at a Little League sponsored activity. This form is used to track injuries on a local league level. The Accident and/or General Liability need to be filled out also and sent to LL Headquarters     
  • TONLL Safety Plan-2023



Little League Forms

  • Volunteer Application -       
    • Must be filled out by all managers, coaches, board members, and anyone else who is in contact with players each year so a background check can be done. No one is allowed to volunteer unless this form has been filled out. NOTE:  This form is for first time volunteers who did not fill out a form previously.  You must provide legal name, address, social security number and date of birth on form.
  •  Volunteer Application (Returning) -  This is now called the "Basic" Volunteer Application form
    • This form is to be used by all managers, coaches, board members and anyone else that has regular contact with the players who has filled out a form previously.   A background check will be performed.
  • Medical Release -
    • Must be filled out for each player and given to manager prior to being allowed to participate in any practice and/or game
  •  Residency & School Attendance Eligibility Requirements
    • Use this form to collect the correct information needed for proof of residence within our boundaries
  •  School Enrollment Form
    • This form to be used when using a school as proof of residence to play in the league
  •  Tournament Player Verification Form
    • This form to be used for those players on an All-star team.  It is to be filled out by parents and include needed documentation required by Little League to participate.  This includes birth certificate and 3 proof of residence
  •  Tournament Verification Checklist
    • This form can be used to track the collection of tournament paperwork
  • Accident Claim Form-
    • Form to be filled out when an accident occurs during a Little League activity
  • Accident Claim Form Instructions
  • General Liability Claim Form -
    • Form to be used for a general liability claim

More forms are available on the Little League website at